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Periodical Print

The garment and apparel industry is seeing some significant changes meeting the challenges of contemporary living, this is being met through;

The old newsletter has changed a lot, from heavy tomes to delightful summaries to provide further engagement or actions. The evolution of the newsletter is now about enhancing the user / member experience through providing empowering imagery and calls for action. It’s focussed method allows for the strategic goals of clubs and societies to be realised more effectively.

Gone are the days where reports and old news stories should be the content of member communications. It's about leveraging calls to action, inspiring and creating a sense of must do. We live in a content rich world, where we can appetize your audience into engaging into a campaign, an event or creating content for you. We now longer use single channels for communication, print media allows you to entice readers to more content elsewhere which they might not of normally connected with.

Focussing on key fund-raising objectives, or community projects which meet the charitable objectives can be immediately highlighted. With the average click/open rate of email newsletters dwindling using a concise method of physical print to target web pages or social media campaigns can be a strong method for improving engagement.

  • Interesting fact… A club newsletter left of the kitchen table or coffee table at home, will get flicked through by other family members, the chances of other family members seeing an email newsletter are a lot slimmer. Getting family buy in for any club or society is key to helping members feel their contributions are valued.

Periodical Print

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