Code Of Conduct

Working Together

Last updated: 01 November 2023

Our commitment to you:

We endeavour to deliver open and respectful communication, providing you with prompt responses and attentive service. As an inclusive aware business, we openly take feedback if our communication style is not appropriate to your needs.
We pride ourselves on providing honest pricing. We’ll provide accurate information about our print solutions. We recognise that different print service providers have niches and fortes – please remember this when making comparisons.
We aim for our print products that meet UK standards and industry tolerances. Our request for accurate briefs and file standards is a part of this. Should anything not be to your expectation we’ll effectively work to address any concerns you may have.
Should any issues arise, we’ll work diligently to resolve them. We value feedback as an opportunity for improvement - we believe in a full loop process; feedback is valued by us.
We operate with integrity, treating you fairly and professionally. We expect standards to be two-way. Discrimination or harassment is highly frowned upon.
We are committed to realistic eco-friendly practices. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, through best practices where we can achieve this.

Your role as a valued client:

We expect you to communicate with respect and courtesy, allowing for effective collaboration. We will ask questions to help you achieve better print solutions. This can mean we will use a variety of communication methods to engage with you.
Please provide clear and accurate information to facilitate smooth transactions and effective print solutions. End objectives are a key part of this – using this understanding helps us to adjust what we offer to you.
Your feedback is part of our progressive loop of development. We encourage you to share your thoughts, helping us enhance our services.
We require respectful and professional behaviour, ensuring a h armonious working relationship.
The Print Industry has for many decades been aware of its environmental responsibilities. We are only as good as what our clients ask of us. We ask you to consider supporting eco-friendly practices by considering more sustainable, low-carbon responsible print options.

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