Personalised & Relevant Communications

Stimulating & engaging your audience.

Personalised & Relevant Communications

Longevity is the holy grail of all marketing, having a message which sticks, is remembered and creates a presence in its own right. Ask any time served professional marketer about marketing a business or an organisation, they will broadly talk about the magic touchpoints and multiple tools in a marketing toolbox, so any action or element which has a longer level of engagement creates a stronger link for any potential customer.


Marketing Mailshots

In creating your unique selling point, you need to be different, to stand out, create a buzz or to disrupt your market place. With excessive noise in the many channels which are used for business sales communications, can make getting your message across a challenge. It’s a bit like standing in the street shouting “oi! You with the blue coat on…” doesn’t really work, too many people wearing blue coats. In a day and age where being smart is easier than ever before, why do so few businesses communicate smartly?

Effort might be one answer, Don’t know how (laziness?) might be another.

Imagine walking up to some going, “Hi Frank, just seen you at the football match” it’s a connection, a bond, a reason to engage further. Creating commonality helps form relationships. However, the likelihood is that any message via social media which picks up the fact Frank has been at the football, by Facebook seeing him in the vicinity of the ground, means it gets brushed off as far too intelligent programming which Frank accepts. Slowing the communication method down actually can reap rewards. Everyone struggles to remember what they have seen on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin earlier in the day. However when using a personalised mail shot, delivered in the post, due to the uncluttered environment it sees more attention. A direct engagement with Frank, referencing the football match, or exclusive inside knowledge to the team, has the opportunity to provide a longer, meaningful engagement than social media. It’s proven, not just by Royal Mail, but also postal services around the world.

In a modern print studio, we are able to facilitate personalised communications, tailored to the individual – if needs be, changing elements to reflect “the football team” or other preferences. Print has a unique power in a modern marketing toolbox. Where “digital” marketing relies on Visual and Auditory senses, print can work the kinaesthetic senses in a very different way. Colour, texture, physical attributes such as fold, format of the item can all play very differently than electronic media.

From simple personalised postcards, glue-dot self-mailers, dedicated enveloped mailshots with multiple elements, through to tailored mailshot brochures, the world is your oyster, use a bit of creativity and the physical element of your marketing can add extra value to a prospects relationship with you.

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