Our Mission, Vision and Values

To deliver the best print-based marketing solutions for our customers.

Our Mission

To deliver print-based marketing solutions which maintains the success of our client’s customer journey, through the combination of creativity and keeping our promises.

Our Vision

To be recognised as Yorkshire’s trusted, experienced provider of print marketing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Through our experience, we aim to deliver not just one-time print services, but a continual collaboration to ensure continued success. Through understanding our client needs, we use appropriate design and integration of print into the modern marketing mix to reach goals. We build relationships by challenging change, sourcing solutions and evolve together with our clients. Through creative solutions, we enhance the journey of our clients for their customer journeys, fulfilling the position of our client’s trusted advisor for print marketing.

Our Values

  • - Creating a warm, approachable culture.
  • - Blending proper, traditional print knowledge with modern digital solutions.
  • - Shaping our service to prioritise customer satisfaction.
  • - Ensuring quality in our design and excellence in our creativity.
  • - Committing to being environmentally conscious in our practises.
  • - Striving to learn, adapt and evolve with new technology.

Our Group Of Companies

Office Equipment, Business IT, Bespoke Print & Technology Repair Solutions

The HAD-GROUP offers full support for you and your business.

Print Studio (West Yorkshire)


The Mending Rooms, Shaw Lodge Mills

Halifax, West Yorkshire HX3 9ET

Tel.+44(0)1422 552890

Email.[email protected]

North Yorkshire Office



France Industrial Complex

Vivars Way, Canal Road


North Yorkshire YO8 8BE

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